Gaddafi madness.


Guido Fawkes and those who like to leave comments at his blog often refer to Gordon Brown as the “Prime Mentalist” because they think that he is a bit mad.

But imagine if your country’s leader was not only very genuinely eccentric, but he doesn’t tolerate any criticism. In fact, despite his behaviour being so odd, there’s no way of actually removing him from power without resorting to revolution. People who oppose him can get locked up for years without trial. Guido and his fans would find themselves behind bars if they made similar kinds of jokes about this guy.

Another problem is that despite this leader being quite unhinged and unpleasant, his country happens to contain a lot of natural resources. Powerful people around the world are therefore happy to do business with him rather than criticise his regime too forcefully.   

Imagine if your country was ruled by Muammar “It wasn’t Jesus on the cross it was his stunt double” Gaddafi!


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