Quilliam foundation to sue Craig Murray.


Having just finished reading Ed Husain’s ‘The Islamist’, I hear that Husain’s counterextremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation is taking libel action against blogger and anti-war activist Craig Murray.

Craig Murray was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan until a big hooha about torture allegations a few years ago. Murray seemed to be a whistleblower standing up for human rights.

His behaviour since then has been fairly odd. He comes across as a conspiraloon who sees the dark forces of the neo-con agenda everywhere. He has stood as a “pretty rubbish” (his own words) independent candidate in a parliamentary by-election. Oh, and he’s “hypersexual” (again, his own words).

Murray bangs on about the Quilliam Foundation being a tool of New Labour and has described redeemed Islamist Ed Husain as someone who decided he could “make more money and career progress by turning traitor” on his former mad beliefs and mad Islamist colleagues. Some of us call it ‘seeing the light’; Murray considers it ‘treachery’.

Murray has also suggested public money handed over to the Quilliam Foundation has gone AWOL (in a blog post that has landed him in trouble with the Quilliam lawyers). 

Understandably Ed Husain and the Quilliam Foundation are pretty peeved at these allegations. Murray will now have to produce from underneath his tin foil hat lots of evidence to support his claims.

My instinct is to oppose well-funded organisations using libel law to shut up their badly funded opponents. However, considering the sensitive job they’re trying to do in winning the support of British Muslims and undermining the influence of Islamists, it’s clearly very important for Quilliam to safeguard its reputation. Therefore, I’m not sure what I feel about this case, but I will follow it with interest…


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2 Responses to “Quilliam foundation to sue Craig Murray.”

  1. Dave Semple Says:

    No comment on why such an organisation should be given public funds in the first place?

    Or whether Ed Hussain is a credible character to be fronting for it?

    Craig Murray is a flawed individual, sure enough, as he admits in the prologue to his most recent book – but no one is perfect. If he has retracted the allegation and apologised, then Quilliam should fuck right off – especially if they’re being given public funds.

    We have enough arms of the state using money ultimately sourced from the taxpayer on PR, libel actions and so on, we don’t need more of it from the third sector.

  2. captainjako Says:

    No comment on why such an organisation should be given public funds in the first place?

    Considering the money poured into British mosques and other projects by Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia I am content with the state sponsoring a Muslim counterextremism project with financial support. Ideally the QF would be entirely a grassroots British Muslim initiative funded wholly by those same grassroots, but I don’t have a problem with the government stepping in in the meantime.

    Or whether Ed Hussain is a credible character to be fronting for it?

    What is Ed Husain’s lack of credibility exactly? I read a lot of criticisms posted online by people who appear to be Islamists and who seem to use the same sort of tactics in discrediting him (he’s motivated only by money; he has a craving for fame; etc) as Scientologists do in trying to undermine the reputation of people who leave their cult.

    No one is perfect but Craig Murray is a megaloon.

    As I said, I’m not comfortable with the libel action hooha, but I can understand why QF are very anxious to defend themselves from the sorts of accusations levelled against them by Islamists and their apologists.

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