Scum Sun.


The Sun have been displaying a disgusting lack of respect for dead servicemen by misspelling Jacqui Jane’s name. Harry’s Place has the evidence.

I hope the Sun’s web editor at least has the excuse of being blind in one eye. Perhaps the appropriate course of action now is to tap the grieving and clearly distressed Jacqui Jane’s phone as she calls the Sun to express her anger. That would be both sensible and sensitive.

Yes, someone should definitely have been checking the spelling in the PM’s letters to the bereaved and should have got Brown to write another one. This story is yet another example of a boob that could have been avoided through there being just a bit more competence at No 10.

But only a political ignoramus could fail to recognise that the Sun is shamelessly exploiting Mrs Janes’ grief as part of its ongoing efforts to destroy both Brown and the Labour government. They’re loving this.

Sun owner and creepy capitalist Rupert Murdoch recently supported infamous Fox News mentalist Glenn Beck in his assertion that President Obama is a racist who hates white people.

Remember that Fox is also part of Murdoch’s media empire. Can we expect similarly unhinged ‘journalism’ to become more mainstream in Britain? Is the Sun’s pushing of the Jacqui Janes story evidence of this happening? Who knows? The whole saga has, however, reminded me of Mike Royko‘s quote:

“No self-respecting fish would be wrapped in a Murdoch paper”



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