Police puppycam.


Northumbria Police Dog Section have set-up a ‘Puppycam’ to show off their new collection of police puppies.

There is also a Dog Blog supposedly written by the puppies’ mother, a police dog named Heidi.

Here are some of Heidi’s recent posts:

21st October 2009 – “My trip to the vets”

I visited the vets this morning with my friend Caroline for a quick health check and the vet was very pleased with how I am doing. He said I was fit as a fiddle. I was glad to get back to my pups though. When I got back to the kennels my puppies were all weighed to check how they are doing I am happy to say that they are putting on weight nicely and they are all feeding well. Caroline say’s they are getting bigger and stronger each day.

19th October 2009 – “Sgt Jason Leith comes to visit”

Jason came to visit me today to see how I was doing and to tell me how the Dad Jack has been catching criminals.

19th October 2009 – “My puppies love to sleep”

I was in the middle of feeding the pups today when my owner Rachel’s husband came to see me, it was nice to see a familiar face. My puppies are all similar and a good size for their age especially being from such a big litter. Some are black and tan and look like mini versions of me and the rest have sable coats like their dad. They are very content and peaceful which means they are being well fed and are nice and warm.


All very cute.

However, I am concerned that the TaxPayers’ Alliance will be furious if they find out about this. The TPA are heartless bastards when it comes to cutting public spending on human beings – I can only imagine how ruthless they would be if they got to carry out their budget-reducing fantasies on the Northumbria Police Dog Section. Puppies tied up in a bag and thrown into a local river, perhaps?

Long may Northumbria’s Police Puppycam continue unabated!



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