Views from the sewer: Stormfront reviews last night’s Question Time.


For those who don’t know, Stormfront is a big website where white supremacists from around the world come to swap jokes about the Holocaust and complain about how difficult it is to find a girlfriend when you’re a deranged neo-Nazi. I won’t link to it. However, I thought it might be entertaining to see what the Stormfront community made of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time last night.

Just noticed in a brief piece on BBC News24 that Nick is sat next to the ‘ darkie woman ‘
Good luck Nick!!
(rundown’s signature on the Stormfront forum proclaims: “White power! White Pride! White Revolution World-Wide!!!” and “Everytime you watch television the Jew takes a dump in your soul”)
First Question on Question Time =
Given that the second world war was fuelled by the need to disarm oppressive and racist regimes is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as their own?
NS Germany was neither opressive, racist, or a ‘regime’.
Racism is a term used to any White person who defends their nation.
How can a party be oppressive when it took power in the democratic process unlike the Labour party or Stalins lot.
Germania Magna:
No one is allowed to agree with Nick on the BBC, even though polls show that most British oppose mass immigration.
This is all about brainwashing the masses.
The Jews control Britain and the BBC and they fully intend to genocide the British folk through mass coloured immigration, for which there has never been a democratic mandate.
I don’t give a rats what this little arse Dimbleby says about the Holohoax. People are beginning to see through this ‘unchallengable’ Zionist shield, and it is being chipped away, much to their horror.
I think Griiffin and Brons need to be holding meetings in the back rooms of pubs every week up and down the country.
They will win support, get publicity, and the unwashed multi-culti-gay-lefties will eventually get bored with their protests. The antis turnout (dump?) today was pretty low key and did them no favours.
Nick’s performance was a bit average, though. When Jew Straw was going on about “the only party based on race” NG should have remindinded the Jew about his (20th century fake) ancestral homeland.
jack straw showed what a cretin he is, its ironic that in a debate about britain losing its identity, we had a jew arguing with a muslim about immigration to the UK and loss of our culture . no wonder we need the BNP
The jew, Jack Straw revealed is idenity and said he was a jew.The only mumbling of truth that come out of his mouth.
Remember, a jew is a jew and is behaviour was true to form.
The ugly Jew in the audience who said “This country put everything on the line to save my people” made me chuckle.
I thought it was quite a bad performance by Griffin in comparison to his other TV appearances.
I didn’t like his attack on Duke but at least he got the truth out by saying Duke’s KKK was a peaceful non-violent one. It reminded me of the old Griffin – a good nationalist and on our side but after the negress interrupted him with something that implied she was some sort of expert on the KKK just because she’s an American-born negress he seemed to retract that unfortunately and started attacking him.
The audience was a fix. It was at least half non-white and the rest were lefties. That Jew amused me with his yarmulke on. It was he who did the whole holocaust bit and it was expected.
Griffin in my opinion looked subdued and defeated most of the time. He kept smiling and applauding the negress and various audience members who interrupted him and made fun of him; he was obviously very nervous and kept his head down a lot of the time he wasn’t talking – or so I noticed. He made a few good points about the indigenous British etc which have all been mentioned in this thread before but the panel, Bumblebee and the audience kept interrupting him.
Nick cemented his position as a zionist mouthpiece with his support of Israel.
Shame on him. He made us all look stupid by refusing to tackle the issues that matter and as for nudging and laughing with the black supremascist Greer, well I wanted to vomit. Why would you want to engage with that creature?
“Don’t y’all mention the K.K.K. to me” or something to that effect it moaned.
Griffin taking the pee out of K.K.K. hoods, saying that he’s not a “nazi”.
He singularly failed to mention why we are called racists and why it is wrong, he wouldn’t go near the truth about the holocaust for fear of being called antisemitic, what a cowardly performance overall, the comments on this thread worry me.
Question time was a state sanctioned pantomime, with Nick being the tail end of the horse, firmly up the arse of Israel.
If this is our leader, we may as well start race mixing and give them a hand!!!!!!!!
This sample of racist bile and mentalism is pretty representative of the hundreds of posts made on Stormfront about this topic. It’s interesting to see how irritated some neo-Nazis are by Griffin’s apparent support for Israel. Others seem to accept that he needs to publicly distance the BNP from antisemitism, even though when BNP supporters gather on a forum such as Stormfront they are engaged in almost constant Jew-baiting. Stormfront is a funny place – people can make all sorts of vile comments but anyone swearing in their posts will be banned from the forum for a week! But reading the mad rantings of the Stormfront members certainly presents a different perspective on the Question Time proceedings.

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8 Responses to “Views from the sewer: Stormfront reviews last night’s Question Time.”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’m sure you must have felt the need to take a shower after wading through that bile! Yes, these are the hate-filled, venom tongued and excessively paranoid people whose interests Griffin represents, not Britain!

  2. Ure A Twat Says:

    For someone who hates stormfront you sure look at it a lot. Believe me, no one looks at this shit blog anyway! 😀

  3. captainjako Says:

    I don’t hate Stormfront! It provides lots of amusement and confirms that neo-Nazis are a bunch of freaks and losers.

  4. Carly Says:

    I support the BNP on immigration, environmentally we are full up and Britain has a unique culture of European peoples (Romans, Celts, Vikings, Saxons, Normans etc) that should be preserved. I’m not a member of Stormfront or any other internet forum, but I do have an opinion, just like yourself, I would not bash you for your views, so you should not do the same to others.

    They are intitled to their views as much as anyone else, maybe if you were not so closed minded and actually read history you would know were they were coming from, as a Historian I can see the whole picture, without labeling a source facist or racist or sexist just because it does not agree with the political landscape of our troubled time.

    heres a nice read for you;

    Try and make it through the book and then cast your opinions on who poses more of a threat to the world, the Jew run establishment or the people on Stormfront. Good boy.

  5. captainjako Says:

    Hello Carly. Posting a link to a Nazi sympathiser’s website is perhaps not the best way of arguing against the suggestion that BNP supporters are “freaks and losers”. With regards to your passion for preserving unique peoples – are you planning on pickling all the “Romans, Celts, Vikings, Saxons, Normans etc” in giant vats of brine? I think that would the best option. Merry Christmas to you and I hope 2010 will see your mental health improve somewhat.

  6. snookerstats Says:

    seems the cancer of fascism still spreads it should of been cured by the nuremberg trials

  7. hoho Says:

    snookerstats: you cannot destroy truth and righteousness.
    jews are the cancer of humanity and the virus infecting our white nations.

  8. Andrew Says:

    captainjako says

    “With regards to your passion for preserving unique peoples – are you planning on pickling all the “Romans, Celts, Vikings, Saxons, Normans etc” in giant vats of brine?

    I think that would the best option. Merry Christmas to you and I hope 2010 will see your mental health improve somewhat.”

    With a sense of humour like that I would suggest its you who has the mental problem.

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