Tonight’s anti-fascist protests at the BBC.


Along with several hundred other anti-fash protestors, some of the Paintbrushers and I gathered outside BBC Television Centre this evening.

My girlfriend’s camera is a tad rubbish and I’m not sure I was pressing all the right buttons, but here are a few of the results:


From a distance:


The crowd would periodically push against the gates. Some people threw stuff at the police. I thought this was stupid:


One of the best posters on display (made by the comrades of Hammersmith Labour Party):


To clarify: I went along to the protest because I think it’s important that Griffin is confronted with anti-fascist activists as often as possible. The BNP is a racist party led by ideological fascists – therefore Griffin can’t be treated like any other politician. The message needs to go out that this is a man with a history of political extremism and if he ever got into a serious position of power our tolerant, multiracial, democratic society would be threatened.

Saying that, I wasn’t wholeheartedly opposed to the BBC inviting Nick Griffin onto Question Time and I thought some of the speeches made by UAF members were nonsensical and made us all seem ridiculous.

More on the nuances of my position later.

In the meantime, here’s a great profile of Nasty Nazi Nick. What a freak!


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One Response to “Tonight’s anti-fascist protests at the BBC.”

  1. cap Says:

    no freedom of speech for fascists in the media! saw pics of the protest in the german media. well done.

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