Posties on strike – an individualistic perspective.


I’ve been a bit pissed off with the mail service round my parts in recent weeks. I made an online order for £12-worth of vegan marshmallow an age ago. I finally got a note telling me that the parcel containing my marshmallow was waiting for me at the local Royal Mail Delivery Office.

However, upon my visiting the office the postal worker on duty was not able to find my marshmallow parcel. He gave me a phone number to ring. I phoned back several times over the course of the following week but no-one ever picked up. I am currently marshmallow-less and unimpressed with the service.

Perhaps I should therefore be expected to be unsympathetic to the postal workers going on strike today. The intermittent strikes that have been taking place in London for months now have severely disrupted the service.

Not at all.   

The management’s inability to establish improved relations with the CWU is surely at least as “self-defeating” for the Royal Mail as thousands of its workers choosing to take industrial action over its future. Hiring strikebreakers and refusing to negotiate with the union at Acas are not the actions of bosses eager to come to terms with workers’ concerns. Infact they seem to echo workers’ claims that the Royal Mail management is full of obstinate bullies who are determined to smash the influence of the union.

On top of all this, the CWU were handing out ‘Keep the Post Public’ frisbees at the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival which provided a lot of amusement for myself and other Paintbrushers. Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier has never given me any free toys despite his very substantial pay packet (in stark contrast to the wages received by most of his workforce).

I therefore hope the union emerges as the winner in this dispute over how to modernise the Royal Mail.


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