The patriots of the BNP.


Responding to today’s news that former generals and war veterans are sickened by the BNP’s attempts to associate their extremist politics with the sacrifices made by Britain’s armed forces, the BNP have launched an ingenius charm offensive that involves slagging off the military.

From the BNP bunker comes this press release:

Those Tory generals who today attacked the British National Party should remember that at the Nuremberg Trials, the politicians and generals accused of waging illegal aggressive wars were all charged — and hanged — together.

This was the reaction of Nick Griffin MEP to the announcement that Tory lackeys Sir Richard Dannett and Sir Mike Jackson had broken all military protocol with their statement attacking the BNP.

Mr Griffin also pointed out that it was under Sir Richard’s tenure as Chief of the General Staff that the British Army put a limit on the number of serving foreign troops so as to preserve the “British essence” of that force.

“There is a prima facie case for charging Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, William Hague and David Cameron with waging aggressive war against Iraq,” Mr Griffin said.

“The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials set the precedent when the leaders of Nazi Germany were charged with invading other countries which represented no military threat to Germany.

Sounds to me like the BNP have spent a long time thinking about who they want to hang if they ever get their claws on power! At least it means we can probably assume that the top brass of the British army won’t be supporting a fascist takeover anytime soon.

In a comments thread over at Harry’s Place, Lee John Barnes (the BNP’s chief legal adviser) describes the generals as “whores“, “fools” and “war criminals“. He goes on to describe combat veterans Andy McNab and Simon Weston as stupid for criticising the BNP. Barnes writes:

My god, they should be ashamed of themselves. With themselves so obviously selling themselves to the Tories for political gain and the promise of Ermine to replace the gold braid, then this is a disgusting, amoral, sick political Tory stunt. I am appalled and disgusted by them all.”


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