Lapdog of imperialism refuses to serve People’s Korea.


It is being reported that Sven-Gordon Eriksson has decided not to accept an invitation to become the ‘technical adviser’ to the football team of North Korea.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has qualified for next year’s World Cup – the first time the Stalinist state will be participating in the tournament since 1966 (when they managed to get to the quarter-finals!).

Perhaps Sven did not think he would be able to stand the excitement of North Korean football. When North Korea lost against South Korea in the qualification rounds, the North Korean coach accused the South of poisoning his players. In 2005 a game against Iran (some sort of ‘Axis of Evil’ sporting gettogether?) led to riots in Pyongyang when the referee gave a North Korean player a red card.

Or maybe he doesn’t fancy helping to deliver propaganda victories to a horrific regime.


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