Young Britons’ Sausage Fest 2009


The Young Britons’ Foundation (‘Training the rampant right-wingers of tomorrow, today’) will be holding its activist conference at the end of October.

A list of confirmed speakers has been put on the YBF website. All the youthful, hip, Thatcherite, head-bangers attending the conference can look forward to speeches from:

  • Eric Pickles MP, Conservative Party Chairman
  • Rt Hon Lord Forsyth, Former Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Daniel Hannan MEP
  • Douglas Carswell MP
  • Paul Goodman MP, Shadow Home Office Minister
  • Greg Hands MP, Shadow Treasury Minister
  • Andrew Rosindell MP, Shadow Home Office Minister
  • Matthew Elliot, TaxPayers’ Alliance
  • Iain Dale, Blogger and Publisher
  • Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes
  • Nick Wood, Former CCHQ Head of Media
  • Johnathan Isaby, ConservativeHome
  • A fine collection of right-wing figures, undoubtedly. I am sure the YBF crowd will have a great time listening to such luminaries.

    However, it does strike me that this fairly sizeable list of speakers does not include a single woman. Not one. Perhaps a conservative woman’s place is in the kitchen, not the YBF conference room?

    The Urban Dictionary has a word for this sort of gathering:

    Sausage Fest – a party of only guys (or at least 80% guys) where there is a substantial abundance of wiener.

    Will there be enough room in the hot tub for Donal?

    Will there be enough room in the hot tub for Donal?

    I hope the Young Britons’ Sausage Fest goes well!



    7 Responses to “Young Britons’ Sausage Fest 2009”

    1. The Rt. Hon. David "Dave the Rave" Cameron MP Says:

      Sounds great! Where do I sign up?!?!

    2. Smithy Smithson Says:

      I’ve heard that Donal Blaney is scared of girls and that’s why he doesn’t invite them to speak at his conferences.

    3. Richard T Says:

      Not many speakers who would be the same colour as the list of luminaries if they weren’t a shade darker.

    4. Why does the Young Britons’ Foundation hate women? « Frank Owen’s Paintbrush Says:

      […] Remember the great YBF sausage fest of October 2009? […]

    5. shelly Says:

      dude this picture just makes all of you look gay

    6. Vegetable Storage : Says:

      i like to dip on a hot tub every morning and before going to sleep, it is really nice.~’

    7. Electric Griddle Says:

      hot tubs with ceramic heaters are the best and they are safer to use too because the heating element is fully enclosed ..”

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