A question for the tantric master.


Going back to Andrew Charalambous, the recently selected Tory PPC for Edmonton who also goes by the name of ‘Dr. Earth’, I am a bit puzzled by a discrepancy between his Evening Standard profile and the biography put up on his campaign website.

Charalambous’ campaign biog is a lot drier (emphasising his very respectable volunteering as a Special Constable) than the description of him the Standard found on his Club4Climate site  (“He has completed one of the profoundest spiritual journeys in history”; “He has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world”; “He is a tantric master initiated in India”).

I can understand that the Conservative Party don’t think Charalambous’ tantric skills or pioneering use of waterless urinals will necessarily help him in the rough and tumble of electioneering.

However, I would have thought that his campaign website would mention that Charalambous “has a PhD in the parallels between Plato’s utopia and Spartan society”. The ‘Education’ section of his official biography neglects to mention this. How odd. Possessing a PhD is a pretty impressive achievement, which is undoubtedly why Charlambous previously told people he had one.

So why is there now no mention of the PhD?

Whither Dr. Earth’s doctorate?


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