Despite their feudalistic social structure, bees deserve a Bee Solidarity Campaign.


Bees are very clever. Did you know that they can communicate through a waggle dance? By dancing around in a certain way, bees are able to tell each other the direction and quality of nectar and pollen up to 5 kms away!

But even with their impressive dancing skills, bees are in big trouble. Around a third of British honeybee hives were lost between 2007 and 2008. The situation is even worse in the United States. Apparently every third bite of food we consume depends on pollination by bees, so the spread of colony collapse disorder and death of millions of bees across the world is seriously bad news.

The Co-op has launched Plan Bee which calls for further research into the mysterious decline of the bees. Sign their petition here.

Immediate action can also be taken by each of us:

  • Stop spraying chemicals on flowers! Insecticides are (obviously) not bee-friendly, so find another way to ‘cultivate yo garden’.
  • In-fact, if you have space outside, why not let it go wild? Bees love horticultural anarchy.
  • City-folk can carry around packs of wildflowers seeds and drop them into patches of urban wasteland. More greenery around the place = happier buzzing from our black and yellow comrades.
  • Find a shallow bowl or dish, fill it with water, drop some pebbles in it, and leave it outside. Bees get thirsty and appreciate somewhere to cool off, have a drink, and go for a swim (the pebbles are to give them easier access in and out of the water)! I’ve done this at Jako Towers already.
  • And without wanting to get too organico-bourgeois on y’all, if you can buy honey from a local beekeeper who uses low-tech farming methods that’s seemingly better for the bees as well.

So there we go. Give just a bit of simple solidarity to the bees and hopefully they’ll stop dying in their millions.



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