Mad Nad rides again – legal edition


Apparently Nadine Dorries is going to sue Damian MacBride about the contents of his infamous email in April.

I can very well understand why Nadine might be upset. She says the allegations about her in MacBride’s email are false, and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

But how does this amount to a case that’s worthy of a courtroom?

Both the torts of libel and defamation require publication. I don’t see how the email MacBride sent to Derek Draper meets this criterion: publication, it seems, was specifically avoided. They were sent in a single email to a single recipient.

This is not to say that MacBride and Draper are anything other than a pair of idiots who got what was coming. However, there is something worrying happening in politics when the courts are continually used as an extra chamber in which to carry on essentially political debates. Apart from everything else, it’s a very expensive waste of time.

Or does Nadine think that spinning the MacBride story out for a few more months, to the benefit of the Tories and the detriment of Labour, is worth as much public money as may be wasted in frivilous litigation?


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One Response to “Mad Nad rides again – legal edition”

  1. Danivon Says:

    What I can’t understand is why she’s ‘suing’ – actually, getting tory blog-trolls to deliver letters to – McBride and Draper when it’s actually Guido that ‘published’ stuff.

    But the guy who insists he is ‘anti-politics’ is not only apparently getting away with no suit, he’s actually ‘serving’ someone.

    It’s not going to court. This is just a publicity stunt. Dorries, of course, needs to play the victim so people don’t look too hard at her actual expenses and family-on-the-payroll stuff.

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