Friday’s fascist fact


Unity Mitford used to bring copies of Tatler magazine over to Nazi Germany with her. Tatler was, as it still is today, a publication built successfully on the premise that the decadent upper classes enjoy nothing better than reading about themselves and their ridiculously expensive clothes / parties / holidays.

Unity and Hitler would spend evenings together reading through Tatler and making lists of all the poshos they expected to come over to their side once a fascist takeover of Britain had occurred. Presumably these were people Unity met at balls and other other society functions who did not vomit all over her when they noticed the swastika badge she insisted on wearing at all times. 

Fortunately, of course, Britain did not turn fascist. Unity and Hitler never got to find out how accurate they had been in their predictions of Tatler traitors.

Interestingly, Tatler gave Unity’s sister Diana (wife of Oswald Mosley) a regular column in the magazine when she and her hubbie lived their life of exile in France in the 1960s.



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