Oxord University Conservative Association is an embarrassment to that God-fearing and God-sustaining institution.



Oxford’s loon-tastic Conservative Association is up to its usual high jinks. Well, high jinks to OUCA; grossly offensive behaviour to the rest of decent society.

As part of the hustings for the association’s internal elections, candidates had to tell an “inappropriate” joke. Some of the candidates told racist jokes. I believe one was something about hanging black people in his family tree. OUCA members fell about guffawing, but someone leaked these goings on to the press.

Now Oxford University proctors have ruled that OUCA can no longer use the university’s name and are banned from attending the next freshers’ fair. It clearly doesn’t reflect well on the university when its student Tories are getting up to this sort of thing.

However, I doubt the adverse publicity will seriously affect OUCA’s membership figures. Many of the sort of people who join OUCA will undoubtedly consider the university’s ruling an overreaction motivated by ‘Political Correctness gone MAD’. For them, the controversy will only bolster OUCA’s reputation for jolly outrageous banter.

OUCA has form in this area. Association members became notorious for their drinking song “Dashing thro the Reich”  in which they merrily recall Nazi atrocities committed against Jews.  

At Oxford’s 2001 freshers’ fair students visiting the OUCA stall were told that the association was “the biggest political group for young people since the Hitler Youth”.

At a 2004 event one OUCA member said to a Jewish fellow member: “What was your favourite concentration camp?”

There have been numerous incidents involving OUCA members giving Hitler-salutes or shouting “Viva Pinochet”. All the controversies are well documented on the association’s wiki entry.  

All in all, OUCA seem to have not yet embraced the Cameroon agenda of ‘Don’t play up to the image of being horrendous right-wing nutters!’ 

Although saying that, who knows what the young carefree David Cameron got up to in Oxford when he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, a similar example of ridiculous toff thuggery.

Let us hope that media exposure of their racist antics means that these Tory students will not be able to carve out political careers for themselves in later years. 

We live in hope.


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