As expected, the BNP are still Nazi scum.


(Found via David T of Harry’s Place)

The News of the World sent an undercover reporter to the BNP’s recent family-friendly festival.

He found BNPers ceremoniously burning a golly doll and a council candidate shouting “Let’s get a real one…in the town we’ll find one or two”.

He heard a BNP supporter say “”If things don’t become any better, and I become older, so I’m 70 or 75, I’ll take a GPMG (machine gun) – seriously, I’m not joking here – and I’m going to f***ing destroy lots of people.”

He witnessed festival attendees giving Nazi salutes and shouting Sieg Hiel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: anyone who thinks voting BNP is a legitimate means of registering their dissatisfaction with the government and with society is either very stupid (they haven’t bothered to do any research into the party they are supporting) or similarly mental (they actually agree with this fash nonsense).



9 Responses to “As expected, the BNP are still Nazi scum.”

  1. Jane Says:

    I was there and no one did any of those retarded things.

  2. Jane Says:

    I know! Let’s have an ethno nationalist British/English/ Northern European party who are definitely not Nazis. What would THAT look like? You just hate ethno nationalism and that’s all there is to it.

  3. captainjako Says:

    “I was there and no one did any of those retarded things.”

    The photographs suggest otherwise, or is it all a big media conspiracy to frame the BNP?

    “You just hate ethno nationalism and that’s all there is to it.”

    Yes I do. And the fact that ‘ethno nationalists’ such as the BNP can’t go about their business without Holocaust-denying, Nazi-glorifying, and generally being race hate schmucks demonstrates why it is such a sick ideology.

  4. futiledemocracy Says:

    Completely agree.
    I cannot believe we have got to the stage where we’re supposed to respect Nazis.

  5. mrs election Says:


    It looks like some people who were there did in fact do “some of those retarded things” and those very people just happen to officials within your party.

    No one is saying that every BNP member believes in going into the local village and shooting down black people or asking their daughter to burn a golly doll for “fun”. You’re probably not a rascist – maybe you’re just disappointed and disillusioned with the mainstream political parties. However, even if this was just an isolated incident, it proves that behind the apparently “legitimate” mask of the BNP, some of these people are very dangerous and you are standing shoulder to shoulder with them by being a member of the BNP.

  6. Jane Says:

    If you check out the BNP report here:

    you will find that this action (which I certainly didn’t see and which I wholly abhor) is condemned by the BNP leadership.

    This kind of thing happens rather less than Catholic priests sexually abusing children and Labour MPs being bribed by multinational corporations etc and is not representative of our party.

    Nick Griffin has said that we will take disciplinary measures against any of our people committing racial or political violence.

    The gollies are sold there ( I don’t like them myself because I see too many black faces already) because Political Correctness has banned them.

    The British National Party believes in “pan nationalism” which is the one way to preserve the diversity of ethnicities – ie every nation having its own ethnic territory. That is what we seek primarily for ethnically British people.

    A little biology lesson will help you:

    I am impressed that I have not been censored from making these points and respect you for that!

  7. Joe Says:

    Right. So basically you’re a racist because your genes forced you to be?
    Nice dodge on the personal responsibility front.

  8. captainjako Says:

    Jane – comments here are welcome unless they get too weird and boring.

    I hardly think that you are going to be convincing any of our readers that supporting the BNP is the way to go. Quite the opposite.

    If you truly abhor the golly-burning, Hitler-saluting behaviour then I don’t see how you could stay inside the BNP.

    After all, a party founded by a man who got his kicks out of dressing up in Nazi uniforms and which is currently led by a Holocaust-denier is inevitably going to attract these kinds of freaks.

    To take one example of why BNP condemnations of their members’ bad behaviour can’t be taken seriously: former Chairman of the Young BNP, Mark Collett, was filmed in a documentary expressing his admiration for Hitler and loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland.

    He is now your Director of Publicity.

    Dissident BNP members alleged that at the 2006 BNP conference Collett and another party official tried to bed underage girls. (

    Collett still has his job.

  9. captainjako Says:

    The gollies are sold there ( I don’t like them myself because I see too many black faces already) because Political Correctness has banned them.


    At least you are honest with your racism though.

    Nothing annoys me more than the ultra-Politically Correct BNP leadership claiming that they are not a racist party.

    Like, whatever! Who do they think they are fooling?!

    Please don’t give us this guff about ‘pan nationalism’ and ‘ethnic territories’ (a ridiculous idea which completely ignores the fact that migration has been a fundamental feature of human history).

    Stick to being honest and admitting that you simply don’t like black people!

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