The Liberal Democrats who say ‘No2NHS’


First some figures:

Membership of the facebook group A Better Way of Funding Universal Healthcare (#no2NHS) = 120.

Membership of the facebook group We Love the NHS = 8,352 (and rising!).

Excellent stuff.

Looking at the names behind some of these online anti-NHS efforts, I was mildly surprised to find out that there was a Liberal Democrat mastermind pushing the buttons.

It seems that the ‘No2NHS’ twitter campaign and facebook group was set-up Sara Scarlett, a student at the Royal Holloway and former national officer of Liberal Youth (the Lib Dem yoof contingent).

Scarlett blogs at Liberal Vision, the libertarian wing of the Liberal Democrats. One of her recent posts is entitled ‘If you love the NHS so much – marry it!! #privatisetheNHS’.

In a commendably frank interview with Conservative blogger Tory Bear (I don’t think he considers himself to be this type of bear but I can’t be sure) Scarlett came out with all sorts of juicy quotes which reveal the full extent of her libertarianism.

She’s disappointed with Nick Clegg because he hasn’t been loud enough about “personal freedom”. Asked by the Bear whether her fiercely anti-state views would not be more suited to the Tory Party, Scarlett declares: “I’ll join the Conservatives when David Cameron legalises heroin”.


Other administrators of the facebook group include Mark Littlewood, a former head of media for the Lib Dems who has been subjected to the physical wrath of a Liberal Democrat MP, and Shane Frith, director of the think-tank Progressive Vision which – much like Dan Hannan – argues that “the NHS is providing one of the worst levels of performance in the developed world” and “a new system must be adopted. Singapore’s health savings accounts system is showing promising results”.

People who try to convince themselves that the Lib Dems are a harmless, perhaps even left-wing, alternative to Labour are mistaken. I’m sure that these right-wing libertarians are a minority within the uneasy ideological coalition underpinning the Lib Dems, but it’s always worth pointing out to voters that there is a strong strand of Yellow Toryism within the party.


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4 Responses to “The Liberal Democrats who say ‘No2NHS’”

  1. Sara Scarlett Says:


    Yellow Toryism?! Good grief that is awful, is that what they’re calling it now? I consider it just being Liberal – just pure “yellow”!! Like big happy sunflower petals!! ^_^

    The only reason I say I’d join the Tories if David Cameron decided to legalise heroin is because then they wouldn’t be Conservatives anymore. There’s currently nothing anti-sate about the Tories and I doubt there ever will be.

    Oh well I guess abolishing slavery used to be a minority view at one point in time. [sigh] p.s. he’s definitely not that type of “Bear” sorry if that disappoints.

    Have a nice day!! : )

  2. captainjako Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Sara!

    I don’t understand: are you comparing the prohibition of heroin, the National Health Service, or just state-activity in general to slavery?

    Is there anything particularly anti-state about the Lib Dems?

    Good luck boosting the numbers in your twitter and facebook campaigns!

  3. captainjako Says:

    p.s I considered describing right-wing libertarianism amongst Lib Dems as “the stain of Yellow Toryism” but decided that was too crude.

  4. Sara Scarlett Says:

    “I don’t understand: are you comparing the prohibition of heroin, the National Health Service, or just state-activity in general to slavery?”

    None of the above – my glib comment was referring to the fact that what popular opinion considers right at one point in time may not be considered so in 100 years time or more.

    Sadly, there is nothing remotely anti-state about the LibDems something I tragically only found out after joining. But their hearts are generally in a more correct place – to be honest there’s very little difference between any of the big 2 1/2 parties in the UK. Liberal Vision was largely set up to make the LibDems more anti-state. And yes – we are in a minority.

    You should have stood your ground ; ) there’s a lot to be said for unapologetic vulgarity!! You have a quite a hot blog for a social democrat – I will definitely bookmark. : )

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