More on Preston “Strongest Skinhead” Wiginton (ooo so macho!)


Found via Modernity, a report from the Southern Poverty Law Centre contains some info on what Nick Griffin’s friend Preston Wiginton gets up to:

In October 2005, he won the “Strongest Skinhead” contest at Hammerfest, a racist skinhead festival in Draketown, Ga., where he announced that he was organizing secret paramilitary training in preparation for the coming race war. In the following days, Wiginton posted more than 300 messages to the white nationalist online forum Stormfront, writing in one that “beating down a mud,” or non-white, is a “righteous act of collective preservation.”

Much of Wiginton’s revolutionary activity seems to focus on spreading race hate over the internet. I remember when I was in the habit of joining BNP facebook groups he would also be making wall posts advising impressionable young Brit nationalists on how to defeat the reds/immigrants/homos/etc.

The difference between us was that I was only pretending to be a white supremacist lunatic.   



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