A reminder of the type of person who attends BNP gettogethers


It’s that time of year again: the BNP are holding their family-friendly fash festival (fashtival?).

BNPers are encouraged to bring along their kids to join in the fun. Someone dressed up as Barack Obama is being put in some stocks and festival-goers can pelt him with wet sponges.

The not-at-all-racist party had also invited first class racist mentalist Preston “the Jew has infested every nation” Wiginton to provide some entertainment.

Unfortunately for them (fortunately for decent society) the UK Border Agency decreed that Britain is suddenly full and there isn’t enough room for Wiginton and his white supremacist views.

Perhaps the BNP will soon launch a campaign against Britain’s overly strict and illiberal immigration controls.

Many BNPers who admire America’s fine heritage of racist organisations will be disappointed that Wiginton won’t be attending.

Here’s an upstanding British patriot photographed at the BNP victory rally held in Blackpool in June. I wonder if she (I think it’s a she!) managed to make it to this year’s Red White and Blue shindig?




One Response to “A reminder of the type of person who attends BNP gettogethers”

  1. Jane Says:

    Not the kind of thug you want to meet down a dark street! We have to stop these violent brutes!

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