How to live in the 21st century of turbo-book promotion-ism without turning back!


I don’t want to get overly Akehurstite, but it is a bit shameless of Neal Lawson to use the Compass mailing list to encourage people to buy his new book on excessive consumerism.

I received an email from Lawson this afternoon:

Dear Friend

Thanks to everyone who has bought the book and the many who have told me how much they enjoyed it.  If you haven’t got a copy yet this is what others have said:

“Lawson gives us a prescription for an alternative in which we recreate the public realm”
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

Carol Midgley, The Times

“Passionate and very moral”
Rafael Behr, The Observer

…..[Blagh blagh blagh]…..

You can buy it here at Abebooks or here at Amazon.

Or support your local book store.

Best wishes


I found myself on the Compass mailing list after attending a Compass conference a few years ago with a fellow Paintbrusher. We weren’t especially impressed and decided not to join. I’ve received regular emails from Compass (mostly requesting donations) ever since. Nothing has yet made me change my mind.



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