Summer reading


Dave of Though Cowards Flinch has started a holiday reading meme and has tagged Frank Owen’s Paintbrush.

Because my fellow Paintbrushers seem to be spending their summer far away from this blog, I will take responsibility for answering Dave’s call.

By great coincidence, last night I finally finished David Marquand’s biography of Ramsay MacDonald, the book that has inspired a number of my posts over the last few months. My conclusion on MacDonald’s life and his significance in Labour history will appear here soon!

So what will be the next book to grace my bedside table? I’ll resist the opportunity to lie by claiming that I look forward to reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace in the original Russian (and French!) or something like that.

Eccentric aristocrats and Nazis! What more could you want for your bedtime reading?

Eccentric aristocrats and Nazis! What more could you want for your bedtime reading?

I’m actually going to be fairly busy over August and am not going to be relaxing on a beach or suchlike with extensive reading time. I want something accessible, yet nourishing for the ol’noggin, and preferably not as lengthy as Ramsay MacDonald.

Looking at my bookshelf I find a paperback with a massive swastika on the front cover. It is David Pryce-Jones’ Unity Mitford: A Quest. Some thoughtful soul must have bought it for me and I have not yet got around to reading it.

Unity Mitford it is then! A review will be posted in a few weeks (probably)!



2 Responses to “Summer reading”

  1. Dave Semple Says:

    I salute you for reading anything by David Marquand. Any time I have tried, it has been exceptionally difficult to get past the smug.

  2. Left Outside Says:

    Holiday Reading Meme…

    Bosh! I’ve been tagged by a meme. After five months of blogging Dave Semple has very kindly tagged me with my first.
    It’s taken me a while to get to it but as I sit here, drying out from an ill considered kick-about in the rain, I think it …

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