More unhealthy behaviour in America


Kenneth Gladney attended a town hall discussion on health reform last week. He is one of those opposed to reform and ended up getting into a scuffle with trade union stewards outside the event. Gladney (who is black) claims a union activist (also black) racially abused him. He says that he was then brutally beaten by a union mob.

Perhaps unfortunately for Gladney someone was filming his so-called beating at the hands of the dirty reds with their vicious Stalinist plan of expanding health care coverage. Not much seems to have happened; Gladney appears to spend about two seconds on the ground before pulling himself up and walking away. Yet he claims he needed hospital treatment afterwards.

Gladney was quickly presented as a martyr for the anti-reform cause. A protest was organised on Saturday outside the union offices and the mysteriously wheelchair-bound Gladney appeared with his lawyer who gave a tubthumping speech about defending liberty and all that.

Much of Gladney’s story seems pretty unbelievable. Possibly the most shocking revelation, however, comes from a local press report on Saturday’s demonstration. Gladney’s lawyer finished his speech by revealing that Gladney – the new hero of the anti-health care reform movement – is “accepting donations towards his medical expenses. Gladney told reporters he was recently laid off and had no health insurance“.

Who says that Americans don’t understand irony?


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