Boris’ shed fought the planning law and the planning law won


Remember this post?

Well, it turned out that BoJo had indeed moved into that very expensive house just a stone’s throw from Jako Towers! Although I have not yet seen him and I certainly haven’t thrown any stones at his property, he is definitely there. I look forward to canvassing him. And hosting a ‘Boris Watch’ party.

A few weeks ago an awful wooden shed suddenly appeared on the balcony of the Johnson house. Everybody remarked how cheap and ugly the shed looked. It certainly did not fit with the character of the rest of the building. It was also in a weird position – it seemed to take up the entire balcony and there was no obvious way to enter the shed. Anyway, what is the point of a shed on a balcony?

Earlier this week I went to stay with relatives in Scotland. They live a lifestyle very different from that of the Mayor of London and would not dismiss £250,000 per year as “chicken feed“. However, my uncle’s new garden shed manages to be much more respectable and attractive than the monstrous eye-sore Johnson inflicted upon his neighbours.

Today justice was served: the shed has been dismantled. Someone complained to the planning authorities and Johnson was ordered to take it down. BBC London even ran this story as an item on tonight’s news – you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that! They are describing it as a “summer house” but I feel that is being too generous.

Before you ask: it wasn’t me who snitched on the shed. I am far too busy. I didn’t even take any photos as I think that might be a bit too stalker-ish and I respect the rest of the Johnson family’s right to privacy. To be honest, I was also enjoying speculating on what exactly Boris was doing in this ugly and weirdly-positioned glorified shed/summer house. However, I have been speaking to neighbours and I knew that complaints were lodged almost as soon as the offensive item was erected.

I can still see some planks of wood on the balcony but I’m satisfied that BoJo has learnt his lesson!


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