Unity writes a characteristically detailed post at Liberal Conspiracy on how pseudoscience is not a valid educational choice. I agree entirely! Just because a bunch of people with eccentric views (to put it kindly) are well organised and fairly minted it does not mean that we should let them run schools.

Hopi Sen has been  interviewing Jon Cruddas. Hopi says he placed Cruddas sixth in the 2007 deputy leadership election. I put Cruddas at number one – I’ve always been a bit of a Cruddas enthusiast. JC refers to “the most interesting meeting” he has been to since becoming an MP taking place in a sports hall in his constituency. I think I was there whilst working for a political consultancy; we distributed some high-tech gadgets amongst the attendees allowing them to vote on different suggestions for Barking and Dagenham’s future. It was indeed a fun day. 

I’m not sure what exactly Cruddas is up to hanging out with James Purnell and his thoughts on the necessity of a progressive narrative sound a tad wishy-washy to me. Narrative is one thing but policies should come first! I still think the Cruddmeister is one to watch, even though he has declared that he does not want to be party leader.

And finally, Gene at Harry’s Place writes on a subject that I’ve also been thinking about recently. At Tolpuddle there was a lot of ‘Cuba Solidarity’, wholly uncritical of the Castro regime, on display. It’s disappointing, to say the least, when senior British trade unionists go over to Cuba (who’s paying for these trips?) and apparently neglect to question the lack of trade union freedom there, as well as all kinds of other human rights violations.


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2 Responses to “Pick’n’mix”

  1. Bob Says:

    Actually, I’m not sure there is any evidence to support the fact that ‘the lack of trade union freedom’ or ‘other human rights violations’ were not discussed.

    I wonder if Harry’s Place would point out the same thing if a British trade union delegation visited the United States though?

  2. captainjako Says:

    Well it is of course difficult to prove a negative, so I can’t say for certain that British trade unionists haven’t criticised the Cuban regime to its face.

    However, there is plenty of evidence of fawning “Viva la revolution” statements coming from the mouths of UK trade unionists, ignoring the fact that the revolution has been maintained by a one-party system, a state-controlled press, the imprisonment of political dissenters, etc.

    Surely the most important issue at hand is the consistency of UK TUs’ attitudes to trade union freedom and human rights, not those of the blog Harry’s Place?!

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