Another Labourite that must be prevented from ever reaching any position of power or influence


My efforts at cataloguing the mentalists from within my own party’s ranks continue. Here’s a post at Labour List I only noticed recently: ‘Decommissioning cluster bombs is barking mad’.

It is a bit cheeky of the author, Dan McCurry, to suggest that it is those wishing to ban these weapons who are the loopy ones. He only puts minimal effort into familiarising himself with the arguments put forward by campaigns such as the Cluster Munition Coalition (and indeed our own Labour government) before coming to some very odd conclusions.

Previous posts from Mr. McC contain lines such as “a billion dollars has been spent by the west on overseas development aid; mostly it has been squandered”. His advice for confronting racism? “My way of handling them is to simply nod acknowledgment of what they’re saying, but not to respond other than that.”

I have heard that this gentleman has attempted to be selected as a parliamentary candidate in the past. I hope that his current level of success in this endeavor continues unabated.


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