Evidence of the bar’s new diversity policy


Interesting news today as everybody’s favourite unassuming heir to the throne became a barrister. Before we congratulate him on managing to fit in the law conversion and BVC in amongst his RAF training (or whatever it is he does which keeps him from getting hopelessly bored), I should stress he is merely an ‘honorary’ barrister. This is the use of the term ‘honorary’ which is synonymous with the term ‘non’ or ‘not really a…’ _46020199_007608883-1

It is fairly similar to the ‘Honorary’ QC post bestowed upon the Paintbrush collective’s favourite Cabinet Minister, Harriet Harperson. It has made me think that these ‘honorary’ titles can be quite misleading. For instance, when Ms Harperson talks nonsense about ‘the court of public opinion’, I’m concerned people may think she expresses these views as a very senior member of the legal profession.

Fortunately we are told that the young Prince does not intend to appear in court, ‘except for the odd speeding ticket’. How many speeding tickets does he get and shouldn’t he just obey the speed limit for a change?


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3 Responses to “Evidence of the bar’s new diversity policy”

  1. captainjako Says:

    Yes, I was wondering whether you’d write about this. And I also noticed his flippant remark about speeding tickets.

    Oh ho ho, how amusing it is to break the speeding limit and then get away with it when you are the future head of state (unless we republicans get our act together) and an honorary QC and very posh, rich and famous.

    Who would have thought the legal establishment went in for this kind of class privilege etc.

    I wasn’t even aware that Harman’s QC was honorary as well. I shall now take her (even) less seriously.

  2. voteredgogreen Says:

    Man of Kent is The People’s Brief – or Comrade QC, as I am sure he will become.

  3. durbinite Says:

    I think the Man of Kent would be ideally suited to the role of Levy from The Wire, defending senior politicians like voteredgogreen every time they break electoral law

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