7/7 conspiracy madness – Meacher mentalism


Further to my last post on this subject, which was inspired by the brilliant BBC2 documentary ‘The Conspiracy Files’,  I remembered that Michael Meacher MP has also had some odd things to say about 7/7.

Meacher wrote a post on his blog a few months ago entitled ‘MI5 and the cover-up over 7/7’. No beating about the bush there then.

He goes on to regurgitate the same lines of enquiry as the other 7/7 conspiracy nuts, asking the ‘unanswered questions’ which were pretty comprehensively answered by last night’s documentary. It would not surprise me if Meacher has watched ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’ whilst humming to himself in agreement.

Meacher has a bit of reputation in this area. He once wrote an article in the Guardian suggesting that the US government allowed 9/11 to take place so that it could have an excuse to launch attacks on other countries to get their oil. He’s also a fan of the theory that Roosevelt knew the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour was about to take place but deliberately stopped the US fleet from finding out about it. He additionally thinks the war in Kosovo was “actually aimed at the dismemberment of the last centralised state-run economy in Europe”.

I too am finding it hard to believe the official line on things.

I am finding it hard to believe that he was allowed to serve as a minister in our Labour government for so many years.


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One Response to “7/7 conspiracy madness – Meacher mentalism”

  1. Christobel Carloff Says:

    I don’t go around saying who is right and who is wrong when I have no shred of evidence to go on. I do however like to entertain a thought. My starting point is the media and I always find it sensible to first explore the opposite of their view. Scepticism and doubt have been the greatest elements for the development of human thought.

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