I like Paul Cotterill’s post on ‘Michael Jackson and the Unions‘. Guess who he is talking about here:

“One voice from the 1970s, which tailed off in the 1980s and 1990s as it came to be dominated by the overbearing weight of commercial exploitation, and sought to transform itself into something it could not be, may now be gone. 

The other one, still true to itself after all these years, looks like it might just make a scintillating return to a venue near you, with an even bigger fan base than ever.”

I would consider Donal Blaney to be a figure of good comedy value if it wasn’t for him putting these sorts of opinions into the impressionable minds of his Blaney Youth corps, otherwise known as the Young Briton’s Foundation

I agree with much of what Don Paskini says in his reply to questions from NEC member Ann Black. There are even some interesting points being made in the comments thread amongst all the usual Labour-bashing.

Want to know which recent news story prompted angry atheist Richard Dawkins to declare “Nothing, for me, more eloquently conveys the total, utter, fatuous, fuckwittedness or religion“? It was this one. Well, and the Blakemore story that he refers to in that comment. All absolute lunacy, as far as I’m concerned.


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