What if Ken was onto something?

Ken - just having a laugh?

Ken - just having a laugh?

Perhaps as a result of spending the entire day terrifying myself by reading about Terror Management Theory, I’ve been having some crazy thoughts.

In 2006 the ever-diplomatic Ken Livingstone said that Trevor Phillips’ questioning of multiculturalism indicated that he would soon be “joining the BNP“. Most reasonable people dismissed Ken’s ravings.

Hmmm...whats he up to?

Hmmm...what's he up to?

A few days ago the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, of which Phillips is the chief honcho, warned the BNP that it could get in trouble for its ‘indigenous Caucasians only’ membership policy.

The BNP may be forced to change its rules so that ethnic minorities could become eligible to join its ranks.

Is this all part of a cunning plan devised by Phillips to clear the way for his own membership of the BNP? Is Ken’s mad prophecy coming true? I think we should be told!

(Please read my good friend and comrade VoteRedGoGreen’s much more sensible post on this subject.)


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