What a Dick


More of the audio recordings made during Richard Nixon’s time in the White House have been made public. As with the previous Nixon tapes, ‘Tricky Dicky’ does not emerge as a very nice human being, to say the least.

Here are his thoughts on Jews:

“This anti-Semitism is stronger than we think, ya know. It’s unfortunate, but this has happened to the Jews, happened in Spain, it happened in Germany, it’s happening, and now it’s gonna happen in America if these people don’t start behaving. It may be they have a death wish, that’s been the problem with our Jewish friends for centuries.”

I wonder whether Nixon ever discussed his ‘Jews bring anti-semitism upon themselves’ theory with Henry Kissinger. Perhaps he never had the chance to bring it up in conversation, as the two of them were too busy concentrating on the bombing of Cambodia, plans for the overthrow of the elected socialist government in Chile, and other such distractions. Why be unpleasant to your Secretary of State’s face when there is death and destruction around the world to be organised?

Nixon’s views on abortion are also quite revealing:

President Nixon told his special counsel Chuck Colson that even though he believed abortion encouraged permissiveness, it shouldn’t always be out of the question.

Nixon said, “There are times when abortions are necessary, I know that, you know that’s when you have a black and a white.”

Colson: “Or rape.”

Nixon: “Or rape.”

Isn’t it great that there is now the product of a relationship between “a black and a white” sitting in the Oval Office? Nixon would undoubtedly have been fighting to keep down the vomit if he had been around to attend Obama’s inauguration.

I watched Emilio Estevez’ film ‘Bobby‘ the other night. It was star-studded and watchable, but too full of cliches and unconvincing dialogue for my liking. Anyway, it got me thinking: had Robert F Kennedy not been assassinated during the 1968 Democratic primaries and had gone on to win the nomination, would he have beaten Nixon in the presidential election?


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