Brown on Maxton


I was having a quick look through Gordon Brown’s biography of left-wing firebrand James Maxton MP today.

Brown has divided the Clydesider’s life into four sections:

  1. 1. Socialist in the making.
  2. 2. Socialism into Parliament.
  3. 3. Socialism in our time.
  4. 4. Socialist retreat.

 I wonder if a future biography of Gordo will be based on similar divisions. Do you think we are at stage four now, or is stage three just around the corner?

The basic thesis of the book seems to be that the politicians of the 1920s and 1930s were too timid to accept the radical ideas put foward by socialists such as Maxton. The PM comes across as a big fan of Maxton, writing that he “had every quality except one: the gift of knowing how to succeed”.



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