“Tears for the Labour Party I love and its humiliation”


Only a handful of people were nasty to me and my Labour rosette yesterday. Most were instead sympathetic, as if only a person with some sort of serious mental ailment would voluntarily campaign for the Labour Party at the moment.

Even though I have no idea how bad exactly the results will be from the local area, the party in my ward actually had a good day in that lots of members were still willing to rally behind the flag. Numerous members who hadn’t got involved before and even some non-members showed up to help, which was brilliant. We managed to have people standing at all three polling stations for most of the day whereas I only spotted two lonely Liberals out and about.

Yes it was deeply, deeply depressing to have people come up to me and say that they had voted Labour all their lives but just couldn’t bring themselves to do it this time. Yet many of these same people kindly sought to assure me that they will still vote for the local Labour team when the time comes. A Labour Party that campaigns enthusiastically for policies such as free school meals and more social housing still has a future.

So, what do people think of Peter Kilfoyle’s summary of James Purnell?

James Purnell has never had a proper job in his life – he shouldnt be in the cabinet. He’s got no political acumen whatsoever and that’s demonstrated tonight.

John Prescott is furious at Labour’s “non-campaign” and isn’t afraid to name those he feels are primarily responsible (Harman, Flint, Alexander, and Blears).

It is all getting very messy and upsetting. Luke Akehurst is sad and sums it up well. Go read his post. Let us hope that both Luke and the Labour Party recover soon.


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