Is Gordon Brown still the Prime Minister?


These were the first words I said this morning when I woke up (and were directed at someone who was up much earlier and therefore more awake than I).

I’ve been asking myself the same question throughout the day as I periodically check the BBC News website.

I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be feverishly checking the answer to this question many times over the next few days.



3 Responses to “Is Gordon Brown still the Prime Minister?”

  1. mrs election Says:

    have a good FOP curry tonight!

  2. UK Voter Says:

    He is still PM, but I do find myself asking what it will take for this deluded man to get the message. The people of this country do not want hi, they probably don’t want Cameron either, but many are of the opinion that anyone, including Cameron, is preferable to this discredited mad from a failed and disfunctional government.

  3. captainjako Says:

    Agree that despite the Tory gains there is not significant enthusiasm for a Conservative government. I think there is still hope for Labour to, if not win a fourth term, at least minimise its losses and avoid total obliteration.

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