Euro Polling Day II: the view at 1830hrs


How on earth did I get into virtually Live Blogging a European election? If, of course, you can call two posts in 13 hours live blogging, that is.

Perhaps I am becoming delerious from a lack of sleep (having, for the first time, slept on the sofabed in my office last night – a barrier well and truly crossed) and drinking two bottles of coke in short succession, but something weird seems to be happening.

Our vote seems to be coming out.

It’s hard to tell at the best of times, and I’m just comparing rough figures from committee rooms and official turnouts from polling stations: nevertheless, our good polling stations are outstripping our less good ones by a factor that is modest, yet noticable.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves; I’m talking about the difference between a polling district turnout of 15% and one of 19% at 5pm. There again, that’s the sort of difference that a campaign makes, and we’ve spoken to a lot of people recently. Our polling agents are also reporting that, in many cases, they are the only party workers covering polling stations: from this outer-inner London borough, at least, the view seems to be that, by sitting this election out more than us, the Tories might have been a little too complacent for their own good.

Of course, I fully expect this prediction to come back and bite me in the arse: it could well be that there’s a lot of core Labour support going to UKIP, the Greens and the BNP (or even, God forbid, the Tories or Liberals).

But for now, I’m going to indulge my fantasy that the extra push in contacts for this election has made a sliver of difference, and this party activist’s enthusiasm for The Cause has increased more than proportionately.



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