The wheels are in motion


Ok so I took a few days off blogging to try and pass some exams and the Labour Party goes down the toilet! We are imploding and I am now convinced that the green shoots of a leadership challenge are starting to emerge. Quite frankly, I think they are right to. The most frustrating thing about seeing this great party polling in or just above the teens is that is actually our recent record doesn’t merit it.

For the past few years I am inclined to believe we have started to run out of ideas. All of our best work was done in 1997-2001 and since then we seem to have scratched around for legislative programmes without conviction. The recession should have come to our rescue. Once the financial system collapsed there was no need to have a range of ideas to improve the country, it was a case of ‘man the pumps’ and save the economy. Most of my friends in the City say the Government (and particularly Alistair Darling) did an excellent job in this regard. Most agreed Brown performed well at the G20 summit, so what is the problem.

What seems to have torpedoed us completely is the expenses scandal. This is a real tragedy. Our expenses claims are no worse than those of the other parties and I am inclined to feel the tales of Tory Grandees with their moats, ducks and country estates, are worse. The difference was in the handling of the crisis. Gordon seemed out of step and slow in dealing with it and gave so much freedom to the others to take the initiative.

So if Gordon’s days in the job are numbered, I feel I should follow VRGG in setting out my position. If he is to go, I am clear in my mind that the man to take over is Alan Johnson. For me, only he and David Milliband have the gravitas and the policy to be able to continue the project started in the 1990s. I think DM would see it as a poisoned chalice at the moment, however, AJ could be persuaded that it is a case of now or never. I would like to see a groundswell of support behind AJ after the election to ensure the job doesn’t fall into the hands of Harriet Harman, or worse.


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4 Responses to “The wheels are in motion”

  1. captainjako Says:

    I understand that senior figures want a change of leader and they probably think they’re acting for the ‘greater good’ of the party, but these coordinated resignations in the days before an election are going to further undermine the electoral chances of our MEPs and councillors across the country, and that is unforgivable.

  2. manofkent86 Says:

    I think everyone has a breaking point. We got a glimpse of how he treated Blears. One shudders to think how he has been speaking to these people behind the scenes. People can only stick that for so long.

  3. Paul Says:

    Given that without a change of leader we’re going to lose the election, the cabinet needs to remove Brown. I’ve been amazed at how inactive the cabinet has been, and Hazel should be praised for having the guts to act.

    Hazel wanted to inflict the maximum possible damage to Brown, given her timing. This might mean that a number of Labour councillors and MEPs might lose their seats as a result, but- let’s be honest – we were going to be slaughtered whatever Hazel did today. And I’d much rather lose a few counsellors/MEPS if it helped reduce the chance of a Tory government.

  4. UK Voter Says:

    What would be the point in volunteering to become the Captain of a ship that has already been fatally holed below the waterline? I don’t cat who is leading the Labour party at the next election, it would be a very, brave man to predict anything other than a complete drubbing. I am not arguing that Cameron is any better, just that Labour is too damaged to be able to survive.

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