Get well soon Morrissey


In addition to telling him that to “stop being so bloody miserable”, Morrissey’s doctor has also informed him that he’s not well enough to sing. Therefore the Mozfather’s gig at Brixton Academy tonight, to which Captain Jako had tickets, is no longer going to be taking place.

Preferred babysitter

Preferred babysitter

This is the second time in my life that a concert I’ve been due to attend has been cancelled at the last minute. The other artist was Michael Jackson. Both men are quite weird, although if I had to let one of them look after a child of mine I know which one it would be.

Morrissey’s political beliefs are hard to pin down. He does seem to have a fascination with pretty skinhead boys and remarks made in numerous interviews suggest he subscribes to fairly traditional views of Britishness and nation-hood. But at the same time I don’t accept the ‘Morrissey is a racist’ line put about by people who don’t like his music. 

From a t-shirt design Morrissey wore in 2008

From a t-shirt design Morrissey wore in 2008

Yes, the man can obviously be a bit of an arse, but some might say that such is the price of supreme talent.



One Response to “Get well soon Morrissey”

  1. Christine Says:

    Sorry to hear he’s cancelled – the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? clubnight in Brixton is running another Morrissey special tonight. I went last night, it was ace. Not the same, I guess.

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