There’s a BoJo in the neighbourhood?


Boris Johnson has been spotted with a removal van next to a house less than 60 seconds away from Jako Towers*. The ‘For Sale’ sign outside this house had recently been removed. Is Boris my new neighbour? Will I see him down the local? Should I throw myself infront of his bike to martyr myself for the cause (whatever that may be)?

 *Yes, this does mean I live in a fairly posh area, but my ward enjoys 100% Labour representation, so yah boo sucks to you


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3 Responses to “There’s a BoJo in the neighbourhood?”

  1. manofkent86 Says:

    How disappointing that you preempted my line of attack at the end. I am not at all surprised that Boris is moving into a house in your area. The only suprise is that he is not leasing one of your ‘2nd homes’.

  2. captainjako Says:

    It was a very predictable (and justified) line of attack. Enough of your lip, Man of Kent, or I won’t invite you around to my place to join in my new favourite activity of Boris-watching. Actually, that sounds a tad creepy. But I can’t help it that I have an excellent view over the back of his house and into his garden.

  3. Boris’ shed fought the planning law and the planning law won « Frank Owen’s Paintbrush Says:

    […] Boris’ shed fought the planning law and the planning law won By captainjako Remember this post? […]

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