Two MPs of the future – and deservedly so


labour-1957-posterI have two points to make in this post, both relating to near-contemporaries at Oxford who have both gone on to do much better things than I could ever hope for.

Firstly, congratulations to Bridget Phillipson who has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Houghton and Sunderland South. A former Chair of Oxford University Labour Club, Bridget is fantastic and will make a first-rate MP.

Bridget’s selection is great news for the promotion of good, young people in the Party. It shows we do have plenty of young talent who will be leading our Party in the years to come. And that brings me on to my second point:

The blogosphere (and mainstream media) has given much coverage to the Parliamentary selection in Erith and Thamesmead. There has been outrage at one of the candidates, Georgia Gould, having the temerity to do sensible, legitimate things to try and win.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking of writing a post equivocating on the issue of whether a 22-year-old can ever be a suitable Parliamentary candidate. Despite my respect for Georgia, I was unsure as to whether anyone that age could possess the maturity, insight, empathy and tenacity that are needed to be a good MP.

However, after the McBride email debacle, I am so sick and angry at the smears that have been directed at Georgia, through the pages of Tribune and in the mainstream media, that I am going to come off the fence (I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with great anticipation.) Georgia is an exceptionally talented and hard-working young woman who would be 10 times better as an MP than plenty of the ones we already have. She’s a regular Party activist who’s friendly, intelligent, organised and utterly committed to the Party.

Would she be a better MP with an extra 10 years life experience? Of course. Would she be in this position without her well-connected parentage? Maybe (probably?) not. However, they are not the issues at hand in this selection. Both Don Paskini and Conor Ryan have  posted about the lengths that the McBrideists (for want of a better term) will go to peddle falsehoods about those they are up against. These are the people who will put the denigration of those in what they consider to be opposing factions above the good of the Labour Party. The positive news for Georgia and the rest of us is that they are also as daft as brushes (the latest comedy caper being to break into the postal vote ballot box).

I would urge any Erith and Thamesmead Party member reading this to vote for Georgia Gould whenever the selection is held and then do their damned best to make sure she gets elected to Parliament.


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