Boris, and the art of sticking your oar in


As Paul Waugh and Kevin Maguire have pointed out, there’s something very fishy about Boris’s announcement of Bob Quick‘s resignation on the Today Programme this morning.

Counter Terror policing in the Met doesn’t come under the remit of the Metropolitan Police Authority, which Boris heads – it’s directly accountable to the Home Secretary.

It would appear that there were discussions about Bob Quick’s position last night with the Home Secretary (as you would expect) – but that the Mayor, apparently without reference to the Home Office, the Met or the MPA, decided to go on national radio just after 8am to announce the resignation.

Quite apart from the fact that this is no way to treat an employee of an organization which is accountable to you, it invites the question as to what really went on, and whether Boris had any contact with Mr Quick, either prior to his meeting with the Home Secretary, or prior to his decision to resign (whichever was the earlier).

It’s all very fishy – and it’s not the first time that Boris has appeared to be playing fast and loose with his MPA Chairship (remember, Ken ensured that someone else was Chair of the MPA, to ensure that there was separation of political control from the operation of the capital’s policing).

Remember Greengate, and the conversation with Keith Vaz thereafter? Remember also that it was Bob Quick who made some relatively mild criticisms about the way the Tories worked the press over the Damian Green affair, and provoked the ire of the Mayor and his mates.

It seems to me that Boris is always motivated by partisanism, and never by good governance and sound public administration; also, he shoots from the hip, asking questions later. He doesn’t appear to have much of a grasp of his brief, other than that it’s to make as much trouble as possible for the government (and, by extension, the police). At the very least, he should be seriously considering his position as MPA Chair.

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2 Responses to “Boris, and the art of sticking your oar in”

  1. captainjako Says:

    Your 6th paragraph is a formidable collection of links!

    Agree entirely with the post.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Whilst I won’t comment on this story just yet, would Boris be Boris if he didn’t act like this?

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