Nazi pubs?

The cheery local neo-Nazi landlord

The cheery local white supremacist landlord

Edmund Standing over at Harry’s Place has an excellent post documenting some of the recent social activities of  British neo-Nazi groups. The Racial Volunteer Force appear to have found a pub sympathetic to their demented brand of Hitler-fancying politics and willing to host their gettogethers. It’s not revealed where exactly this pub is located, but Edmund found this report from the RVF:

After years in the planning after years of patience after years of support the Racial Volunteer Force is happy to announce the opening of the RVF’s first pub.

We have been working towards this day for a long time and at times it looked like it would remain a dream but after the investment by certain people who remain anonymous at their own request we had the money to buy a premise outright including being able to have it as a free house this way we would not be tied to a brewery in fact they are queuing up to supply us in what ever merchandise we want.

We also have a permanent dedicated staff who will make sure it runs smooth it will be a place where all white people will be welcome apart from the reds and other white scum. There will be our music on the juke box screwdriver, brutal attack, Whitelaw, razors edge, none of this black crap.

It will be the only place in this country that will go back to the good old days of the colour bar and the non white will definitely NOT be welcome. Due to security we are unable just yet able to reveal its exact location but its enough to say the Glasgow area will be a very happy place for the right wing.

In the pics you will see the bar just after it opened this weekend (21st March) with Mark (the landlord) Atkinson helping serve pints along with other pics from the first very busy day. This is the first in a line of pubs that we are looking at who knows the next one maybe near you!

So it’s apparently near Glasgow. I somehow doubt that the landlord genuinely is Mark Atkinson – assuming this is the same Mark Atkinson who was a founder member of the RVF and was jailed for race hate crimes in 2005. Would he really be granted a licence to run a pub? I know he’s not the sort of character I’d entrust with dispensing tic tacs, let alone alcohol.

It’s always worth reminding people that these miniscule but unpleasant and potentially dangerous organisations are linked to the British National Party.

Taking the far-Right as a very dysfunctional and very ugly family, the RVF are the feral cousins of the BNP. The BNPers have acquired delusions of grandeur – wearing suits, applying cheap aftershave and talking about boring things like an electoral strategy for white nationalism – whilst the RVFers (who probably have ADHD and ASBOs) prefer to play violent games outside, draw cartoon pictures of Adolf Hitler, and then shove the crayons up their noses.

The RVF was the product of a split away from Britain’s principal neo-Nazi terrorist organisation – Combat 18 – which was itself orginally established to provide security to the BNP. These are the same sorts of people who submit information to the hate site Redwatch when they find the details of anti-fascists campaigning against the BNP.

There are many examples of pubs with dodgy far-Right connections. In February Searchlight published an article claiming that until recently the Aardvark pub in Rotherhithe, southeast London, was run by a man who allowed white racist South Africans to hold a meeting discussing racial separatism in their homeland and was also in contact with the BNP.

Then there’s the Bungalow Inn, in Redhill, Somerset, which was the scene of a neo-Nazi jamboree in September of last year. The event was to commemorate the life and death of part-time musician, full-time mentalist Ian Stuart Donaldson. Locals took footage of hundreds of revellers giving Hitler salutes and waving swastika flags but still the licensee claimed she had no idea what was going on.

Happenings such as these give pub-going a bad name. If you have anymore examples of far-Right happenings in pubs, do let us know.

Captain Jako


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3 Responses to “Nazi pubs?”

  1. unknowwn Says:

    he is not the land lord

  2. Kruger Says:

    dont know where you got your history of the rvf or your ideas of any link to griffin or the bnp from but you need to do more research in to the subject. because writting what you have just shows how little you know about us


  3. Peter Johnson Says:

    Kruger ur a massive twat

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