Beards: for a bonus point

My beard, alas, was not as copious as this one. Nor as symbolically left wing.

My beard, alas, was not as copious as this one. Nor as symbolically left wing.

I have just finished shaving off my fourth (and best) beard.

This led me onto an excellent item of trivia, which is too good not to share:

Prior to 1997, when was the last time a beard was worn in the British cabinet, and to whom did it belong?

Only full beards count – no mustaches.

I’m going to tag Tom Harris, Tom Watson, Luke Akehurst, Sadie Smith and Don Paskini, in the hope that at least one of them will know the answer.

The first person to give me the answer in the comments gets, oh, I don’t know, a weekend in Pyongyang with Daniel Hannan.

UPDATE: it appears that there’s more to the beard issue than meets the eye.


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9 Responses to “Beards: for a bonus point”

  1. manofkent86 Says:

    Do I win the trip, even though you told me this?

  2. voteredgogreen Says:

    No. Sorry mate.

  3. Jako Says:


  4. voteredgogreen Says:

    Keep trying…

  5. Paul Williams Says:

    Tony Benn 9 August 1969 who writes in his diary (volume one)

    “There were jokes in Cabinet about my new beard…”

  6. electionsproduceerections Says:


  7. Sadie Smith Says:

    Sidney Webb, 1929.

    I didn’t know this – one of my friends told me.

  8. Mike Says:

    If Marx walked down the street today, kids would shout “Hagrid!” at him. I know this because I look like Marx and they shout “Hagrid!” at me.

  9. Beards: a point of contention « Frank Owen’s Paintbrush Says:

    […] a point of contention By voteredgogreen I never realized that my post about weirdie-beardie cabinet ministers would provoke such […]

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