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An email from the good people at the anti-BNP Hope not Hate campaign:

Earlier this week we launched a petition condemning the BNP’s billboard campaign to whip up interfaith tension. Within hours, thousands of people joined us in condemning the BNPs paper-thin attempt to use Jesus Christ to spread hate and division.

And now we’re going turn their disgraceful tactics against them. The BNP tried to use Jesus in their ads to generate some cheap publicity.

And we’re going to give them that – but instead of the BNP getting a few lousy newspaper stories, we’re going to unite entire communities against their message of hate. We’ve just finished designing a leaflet about the BNP’s billboard that we want to distribute to faith groups across the country. But to do this we need your help – please donate £5 or whatever you can afford now –

We’re hoping to bring in tens of thousands of supporters – and hundreds of thousands of votes – in the next 72 hours. It’s a crucial moment in our campaign.

But there’s a problem.

Last night I met with our printers, who said that they could publish 300,000 leaflets for £4250. But this isn’t something that we’ve planned in our budget.

To pay for this campaign we need to raise £4250 by midnight tonight. We’re at a turning point in our movement – we’re expecting thousands of people to unite against the BNP. Will you donate £5 or whatever you can afford to help us run this campaign?

This is the second time in the last month or so that Hope not Hate has put out a request like this: explaining what the money is needed for and then setting both a specific fund raising target and a time-limit. I believe the last request resulted in the target being matched within 90 minutes.

Hope not Hate is working closely with Blue State Digital – the innovative political campaign company that rose to prominence through its contribution to Obama’s victory in the States last year.

These fund raising techniques were used to remarkable effect in the 2008 campaign. Websites such as Daily Kos would call for contributions from its readers to go toward the campaigns of its favoured left-wing candidates. Profiles of the candidates would be provided to explain why they were deserving of financial support, pragmatically modest individual donation amounts would be requested, and then a reasonable time-limit would be set on the fund raising. A huge amount of money was raised in this way.

I hope Hope not Hate’s fund raising strategy is similarly successful.

Captain Jako


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