Lovely day for it


g20-protests-and-security-022The sun is shining, the sky is blue. If I hadn’t been busy doing other stuff I would have been happy to go along to the demonstration in the City today.

I would then have been able to engage in some of my favourite pastimes: listening to Billy Bragg, arguing with Trots, and comparing myself in terms of height with the police officers on duty.

I would also have been able to blog live from the protest and would undoubtedly have included lots of pictures of funny anarchists. But instead I’ll have to make my sneery comments from the comfort of Jako Towers.

The Times has compiled a list of the ‘Top Ten placards’ seen out on the streets today. This list includes a few which have left my cuckoo alarm blaring:

“Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth”

“Bankers, Coppers Revolt – Resist Your Own Oppression”

“7/7 – MI5 Did It”

FT reporters have been eagerly twittering away all day:

“Three hours on and my first whiff of a joint. Protesters ain’t what they used to be.”

“Ex-colleague blows my cover. Bloke next to me looks at me with disdain.”

“It’s been a bit boring.” – 33 year old artist Morganic. “I remember the poll tax riots – much more fun.”

Loonies of all sorts were much in evidence today. Those who think the current economic problems are caused by too much government interference in markets also wanted to make sure their voices were heard:




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