Political Correctness gone mad

Fighting the evil of political correctness with good old fashioned harmless racism

Fighting the evil of political correctness with good old fashioned harmless racism

I have just finished watching Stuart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle on BBC2, in which the ever-excellent Stuart gave his take on “political correctness gone mad”.

Intrigued, I googled “political correctness gone mad”. There are about 381,000 results. To be honest, I’m surprised that it’s so few.

Amongst them is this gem, about the country list on iTunes (obviously the cooler Apple are far more pinko-liberal in their outlook than the robustly capitalist Microsoft); this, which seriously suggests that the “PC Brigade” (whoever they may be) want to “ban” the name of Jesus Christ; and this, which seems to think that someone, somewhere want to ban the terms “blackboard” and spotted dick”.

Although the thunder on taking the piss out of these people has been well and truly stolen by the superlative Speak Your Branes blog (which makes me come to the brink of wetting myself on a semi-daily basis), it goes to show that there is still an awful lot of paranoid fantasizing out there – far more than any satirical leftie blogger could take.

For example, the fact that Sky commissioned Noel’s HQ continues to amaze me. Quite apart from the fact that any commissioning editor actually wants to give Noel money to go on the telly these days (which I find frankly astonishing), the complete horse manure served up by this show in the name of slaying “political correctness” needs to be seen to be believed.



One Response to “Political Correctness gone mad”

  1. mrs election Says:

    My favourite is the proposed ban on the word “brainstorm” as it might cause offence to people with epilepsy.

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