Street fighting moron


“Everywhere I hear the sound of marching charging feet, boy

With the G20 coming to London soon there is a rush to get out on the streets to demonstrate support for numerous good causes.

Inevitably the summit is also an opportunity for the anarchists to get themselves orderly and organised. Theatrical protest is fine, but there’s evidence to suggest that some are salivating over the prospect of the demonstrations descending into violence.

Professor Knight giving one of his lectures.

Professor Knight giving one of his lectures.

For example, Professor Chris Knight – UEL academic, former Militant member, founder of the mighty ‘Radical Anthropology Group’ and protest organiser – has got himself in trouble for saying “If you want violence, you’ll get it“.

I’m not sure it’s worth taking Professor Knight too seriously. According to his expert analysis the next week or so will see the onset of revolutionary conditions which will result in him becoming Labour’s general secretary whilst John McDonnell MP will lead a successful coup against Gordon Brown.

If there is an anarchist establishment then Ian ‘Bash the Rich’ Bone must surely be the anarcho-equivalent of aristocracy. Bone’s blog worryingly reports that the police are expecting violence and are “up for it” – although he doesn’t link to his source and I can’t find it.

In another post, Ian Bone declares that the British anarchists are “resurgent” as “fun events like Anarchist pub crawls and speed dating are restoring hedonism to our movement away from miserabilism”.

Cute. But outbreaks of violence will distract from the serious demands being put on the G20, and that will make us all miserable.

Captain Jako



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