Over at PB…


…Morus asks, “are we overlooking a political heavyweight?

No. We’re not.

A lot of the commenters on some of the right wing blogosphere – generally, the sorts of people who write to their MPs in green ink – seem to have pinned their hopes on the Queen as a “saviour of the nation” against the evil Brown.

Just what – constitutionally, I mean – is the problem? Gordon Brown is the leader of a party in the Commons with a comfortable working majority. The government has no trouble commanding the confidence of the House; Brown has been able to form a stable ministry, with no move among the PLP not to serve in ministerial positions under him; and the government can ensure supply.

Some people in the comments even seem to be suggesting that the Queen might have to intervene, because Gordon might refuse to hold a general election – this, I think, is the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard.

Enough of the constitutional conspiracy theories. If you’ve got a problem with the government, come out with it and let’s talk about that.


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