Pick’n’mix no.3


Mary Honeyball reflects upon the news that Christopher Beazley MEP is leaving the Conservative grouping in the European Parliament. Beazley is miffed that David Cameron wants the Tory Euro team to stop hanging out with the European Peoples Party. Apparently other Tory MEPs are concerned by the direction Cameron is taking the party in:

“The difference is Neil Kinnock lead your party away from your Militant Tendency, David Cameron is leading our party towards our Militant Tendency.”

Which brings us nicely on to the irrepressible Luke Akehurst and his latest piece of Trot-bashing. Some, like Sunder of the Fabians, think that Luke is being “a bit daft”. However, as the old saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the far-left aren’t trying to infiltrate your party and use it as a vehicle for their revolutionary ambitions.

It might be said that our main concern should be the lack of party members rather than the prospects of a far-left takeover. However, I’m also worried that Luke’s purge of party members who do not subscribe to the noble principles of democratic socialism might result in a few empty seats around the cabinet:

He doesn’t call himself a socialist – “There’s nothing wrong with the term, it’s just not one I use” – and feels uncomfortable with political labels. 

I spotted this on the BBC News website:  

Which is weird, and seems tasteless, but I cannot suggest an alternative category of news for the story to be placed in. Dave Osler has a think about what Jade Goody’s life can tell us about social policy in the UK.

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