The dangers of procrastination


A few days ago I decided to write a post expressing my frustration at the ceaseless WHATLABOURCANLEARNFROMOBAMA debate. As my post was in a draft form, the inestimable Luke Akehurst has written a bloody good post on the subject.

The debate is too often inspired by over-optimism, naivete about the Labour Party’s structures and campaigning resources, ignorance of the difference between the British and American political systems, a West-Wing-inspired obsession with everything American and a lack of understanding as to how Obama actually won. If American political campaigns are so much better than British parties at mobilizing the electorate, why is turnout in US Presidential elections always lower than in British General elections?

Instead of obsessing with Obama, why don’t we concentrate on working hard at doing the traditional jobs well. Less time writing pamphlets and more time knocking on doors  please.


2 Responses to “The dangers of procrastination”

  1. captainjako Says:

    Luke’s post is excellent, but I’m sure your’s would have been ace.

  2. euandus Says:

    I think one problem is the love of the status quo in voting. For example, “I’m a Democrat”…pull the lever. …the same “type” is elected. Doesn’t “think outside the box” for real change…change to the system itself. I just posted on this; if you are interested, pls have a look.

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