Shaun Bailey: manufactured photo, manufactured candidate?


There’s an interesting post over at LabourList, where reports are coming in of a photoshopped picture of Hammersmith Tory candidate Shaun Bailey.

The picture is certainly very odd – Shaun Bailey looks to be at least 7 feet tall. He could be standing on a box, I suppose – or in a bag of Miracle-Gro.

There’s also that handshake: is Stephen Greenhalgh’s hand really two-toned?

The real issue here is that Hammersmith’s Tories don’t seem to be able to photoshop things properly: a more experienced photoshopper would surely have used the blur tool. It’s certainly a candidate for a Photoshop Disaster.

If it’s true, it won’t be the first time Mr Bailey has tried to pull the wool over people’s eyes – this man has form.

My friend out in London’s Wild West was at a public meeting in Hammersmith late last year, regarding a sewer construction project. Thames Water were beginning their consultation process with residents.

The local Tories were opposing it. Shaun Bailey stood up and introduced himself, and then declared that, “As an engineer, with a degree in engineering”, he had a solid professional reason for opposing the plans.

Its just gutter politics (har de har har)

It's just gutter politics (har de har har)

The only problem is – Shaun Bailey isn’t an engineer. His website tells us that his degree is in Computer Aided Design from South Bank University. Whilst the term engineer is bandied around a lot these days, he’s almost certainly never worn a flo-jacket and a hard hat and worked on a project remotely like building a sewer system.

Can anyone from Hammersmith’s Tories shed any light on either of these issues?


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7 Responses to “Shaun Bailey: manufactured photo, manufactured candidate?”

  1. Calym Says:

    that isn’t the only photoshoped picture of Shaun Bailey.
    If you go to his website and to the page “about Shaun”
    there are a load of pictures on the right hand side.
    the second bottom picture on the right hand column is a picture of him and cameron.
    the picture looks like they have been photoshoped together in front of a threshers in fulham.
    neither bailey or cameron are in the street and they certanly aren’t standing next to eachother.
    an even more blatant photoshop than the one you have pointed out here.

  2. Calym Says:

    this is the photo.
    this photo

  3. Calym Says:

  4. Jimbob Says:

    Even the Labour candidate in Chelsea & Fulham can get a genuine photo with David Cameron..

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  7. T Douglas-Home Says:

    As his literature is printed and published in my name I can assure you that none of Shaun Bailey’s photographs are photoshopped. The photo in question was taken with Shaun actually standing on the “soap box” that had been used earlier. The original has been provided to the national media who have not followed up on this story as they have done their research and found it not to have any grounds for pursuing. Tara Douglas-Home

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