Since you’ve probably heard about as much as you can stand from me – about Gordon Brown, Christianity in the Labour movement, and Labour politics in Flintshire, especially – I’m going to be leaving major blogging to other Paintbrush comrades tomorrow.

As a special treat on my day off, I’m going to watch some proper rugby. Warrington Wolves vs London Harlequins should prove to be an excellent opportunity to unwind from the daily grind of decorating/encouraging the growth of democratic socialism.

Any Paintbrush aficionados who prefer Rugby Union will be encouraged to seek their thrils elsewhere. League is a) more in tune with our Party’s roots in the working class communities of the North of England, and b) is demonstrably better than Union.



One Response to “Wire!”

  1. Steve Whittaker Says:

    Oh Warrington! Is Wonderful!
    Oh Warrington is wonderful!
    We’ve got…..

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